Latest Polling Data Finds Trump On The Ropes

The wagons are beginning to circle within the Trump campaign after a fresh round of polling data showed former Vice President Joe Biden with a commanding lead over the incumbent, President Donald J. Trump, in several battleground states ahead of November’s presidential election. Coming off a succession of national crises that includes the COVID-19 public... Continue Reading →

A Coronavirus Roundup

As states officially reopen this summer, the media opines about 'the new normal' and the President turns his attention to other news, we look back our coronavirus coverage so far. Uncertainty Over Unemployment Numbers Economists are stunned as positive jobs numbers roll in. But are we truly on the other side of the Coronavirus economy?... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus’ Disproportionate Effects on African Americans and Men

Although the coronavirus doesn’t seem to discriminate—stars such as Tom Hanks and royalty such as Prince Charles have been infected—some data shows otherwise. In fact, certain groups seem to be getting hit harder by the virus; it seems to disproportionally affect African Americans and men compared to other races and genders. This draws attention to the health disparities still... Continue Reading →

Corona’s Impact on the 2020 Election

As the COVID-19 virus continues to sweep across the nation, states are rethinking how to hold primary elections while protecting the health of their citizens. Many states have postponed their primaries, while others have moved to mail-in voting.  See a full list of the changes to primaries here. With health officials urging social distancing and... Continue Reading →

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