Coronavirus’ Disproportionate Effects on African Americans and Men

Although the coronavirus doesn’t seem to discriminate—stars such as Tom Hanks and royalty such as Prince Charles have been infected—some data shows otherwise. In fact, certain groups seem to be getting hit harder by the virus; it seems to disproportionally affect African Americans and men compared to other races and genders. This draws attention to the health disparities still... Continue Reading →

How Countries are Approaching Covid-19

With already over 1 million cases and at least 50,000 deaths worldwide, the Coronavirus is continuing to grow, and nations are responding in various ways to protect their citizens. As the number of cases continue to grow, experts have said there are four key factors that play a role in acquiring the virus: proximity, how long you are... Continue Reading →

Italy & The European Migrant Crisis

The Politics of Immigration in Italy and Europe Quibbl explains where the European migrant crisis starts and asks what might happen next By Nora Jaquemet with Ben Purcell From a US travel ban to an EU summit in Paris, effects of the European migrant crisis are felt all over the world, but the movement of refugees from... Continue Reading →

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