Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Subreddit

In a technology-driven age, every action on social media can have drastic effects worldwide. In the race to the upcoming elections, social media platforms are more aware of the repercussions certain groups, ads, and publications can have. Reddit, one of the most popular social networking and message board sites, has banned the biggest group devoted... Continue Reading →

Latest Polling Data Finds Trump On The Ropes

The wagons are beginning to circle within the Trump campaign after a fresh round of polling data showed former Vice President Joe Biden with a commanding lead over the incumbent, President Donald J. Trump, in several battleground states ahead of November’s presidential election. Coming off a succession of national crises that includes the COVID-19 public... Continue Reading →

Secretary of Defense Mike Pompeo Faces Claims of Corruption in Light of the Firing of Inspector General Steve Linick

Secretary of Defense Mike Pompeo is facing scrutiny after President Trump’s firing of Steve Linick at Secretary Pompeo’s recommendation. At the time, Pompeo was the subject of multiple investigations into potential misuse of government funds at the time of the firing and has been accused of firing Linick for retaliation against these investigations. In his... Continue Reading →

Senator Richard Burr Steps Down After Insider Trading

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina will step down as chair of the Senate Intelligence after the FBI seized his cell phone and searched his home as part of their investigation into his coronavirus insider trading. The Justice Department had been examining Burr’s sale of 33 stocks, close to $1.72 million in value, in February. This was after... Continue Reading →

Magical Mystery Mueller

If Mueller does a really good job, he’ll be promoted to extra special counsel By Jake Klawans, edited by Ben Purcell  Bob’s Job After a year of the media playing six degrees of separation between the Trump family/campaign and Russian oligarchs, Washington has turned to one man to separate fact from fiction and write the... Continue Reading →

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