Latest Polling Data Finds Trump On The Ropes

The wagons are beginning to circle within the Trump campaign after a fresh round of polling data showed former Vice President Joe Biden with a commanding lead over the incumbent, President Donald J. Trump, in several battleground states ahead of November’s presidential election. Coming off a succession of national crises that includes the COVID-19 public... Continue Reading →

Rioting in America: Past and Present

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, cities across the country remain rocked by peaceful demonstatrions and violent confrontations with the police. In light of such a visible display of rage, non-black folks are trying to comprehend the frustration that underpins these riots. For sympathizers of the Black Lives Matter Movement, the riots we are... Continue Reading →

Senator Richard Burr Steps Down After Insider Trading

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina will step down as chair of the Senate Intelligence after the FBI seized his cell phone and searched his home as part of their investigation into his coronavirus insider trading. The Justice Department had been examining Burr’s sale of 33 stocks, close to $1.72 million in value, in February. This was after... Continue Reading →

Joe Biden’s Search for His Running Mate

Since Joe Biden pledged to select a woman as his running mate in his last debate with Bernie Sanders, there has been heavy speculation as to who he will choose. The Biden campaign has lost some ground due to the Tara Reade allegations, so there is extra pressure to come up with a vice presidential... Continue Reading →

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