A Coronavirus Roundup

As states officially reopen this summer, the media opines about 'the new normal' and the President turns his attention to other news, we look back our coronavirus coverage so far. Uncertainty Over Unemployment Numbers Economists are stunned as positive jobs numbers roll in. But are we truly on the other side of the Coronavirus economy?... Continue Reading →

Uncertainty Over Unemployment Numbers

In a surprising turn, job numbers seemingly to be bounced back last week, signaling the end of the Coronavirus economic downturn. Contrary to predictions, job reports indicate a 1.4% drop in unemployment from April to May. Regarding this, President Trump triumphantly claimed, “George Floyd would be proud.” However, critics claim that these numbers are misleading.... Continue Reading →

Senator Richard Burr Steps Down After Insider Trading

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina will step down as chair of the Senate Intelligence after the FBI seized his cell phone and searched his home as part of their investigation into his coronavirus insider trading. The Justice Department had been examining Burr’s sale of 33 stocks, close to $1.72 million in value, in February. This was after... Continue Reading →

Controversy over Georgia’s Governor Reopening the Economy

A week after President Trump announced guidelines for reopening the economy, some states are aggressively pushing to reopen sooner rather than later. With some states cautiously beginning to reopen, the debate over whether to reopen or not is a fraught one. States that are lifting some restrictions include Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, Montana, South Carolina, and... Continue Reading →

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