The Public Reckoning with Facebook

Facebook, along with the rest of the tech industry, is facing renewed scrutiny for governments and political watchdogs. Recently, Germany’s top court ruled that the company had abused its social media dominance to illegally collect data about its users. This comes after the already present antitrust concerns that resulted in Mark Zuckerberg agreeing to testify... Continue Reading →

Secretary of Defense Mike Pompeo Faces Claims of Corruption in Light of the Firing of Inspector General Steve Linick

Secretary of Defense Mike Pompeo is facing scrutiny after President Trump’s firing of Steve Linick at Secretary Pompeo’s recommendation. At the time, Pompeo was the subject of multiple investigations into potential misuse of government funds at the time of the firing and has been accused of firing Linick for retaliation against these investigations. In his... Continue Reading →

John Bolton Set to Release Tell-All Memoir

After serving a 17 month tenure at the White House, former National Security Advisor John Bolton is set to release his memoir detailing a first hand account of how the Trump administration runs. While Bolton’s book The Room Where it Happened contains inflammatory and powerful accusations against President Trump, President Trump has nonetheless declared the... Continue Reading →

DACA Survives President Trump’s Challenge

This past Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump may not proceed with his plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This program, implemented by Barack Obama in 2012, protects undocumented immigrants brought into the United States as children by shielding them from deportation and letting them work. Chief Justice Roberts... Continue Reading →

The Supreme Court Tosses Out ‘Bridgegate’ Convictoins

The Supreme Court has unanimously overturned the convictions related to the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal. In 2013, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie colluded to create traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey for political reasons. This major corruption scandal toppled Christie’s political career and called into question how corruption is handled at the federal level and the... Continue Reading →

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