John Bolton Set to Release Tell-All Memoir

After serving a 17 month tenure at the White House, former National Security Advisor John Bolton is set to release his memoir detailing a first hand account of how the Trump administration runs. While Bolton’s book The Room Where it Happened contains inflammatory and powerful accusations against President Trump, President Trump has nonetheless declared the... Continue Reading →

The COVID-19 Gun Debate

After multiple Governors across the nation closed gun stores amid the Covid-19 shutdowns, the NRA sued local county governments and Governors like Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), lobbied to Congress, and eventually got the Trump administration to deem gun shops as essential businesses. At the same time, gun stores had record sales in... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus’ Disproportionate Effects on African Americans and Men

Although the coronavirus doesn’t seem to discriminate—stars such as Tom Hanks and royalty such as Prince Charles have been infected—some data shows otherwise. In fact, certain groups seem to be getting hit harder by the virus; it seems to disproportionally affect African Americans and men compared to other races and genders. This draws attention to the health disparities still... Continue Reading →

Treatments That May Cure Coronavirus

There are 70 COVID-19 vaccines currently being developed around the world. The WHO recently published a statement on the international nature of the process and anounced the "Solidarity" trial, which will compare four treatment options against standard of care. The hope is that testing patients in multiple countries simultaneously will help speed up the process... Continue Reading →

How Countries are Approaching Covid-19

With already over 1 million cases and at least 50,000 deaths worldwide, the Coronavirus is continuing to grow, and nations are responding in various ways to protect their citizens. As the number of cases continue to grow, experts have said there are four key factors that play a role in acquiring the virus: proximity, how long you are... Continue Reading →

US Exits Paris: Now What?

Life After America for the Paris Agreement Quibbl asks what's next for international climate policy and compares differing opinions on the US decision to withdraw from the global pact By Morgan Lee with Ben Purcell As part of a global effort to slow and eventually halt climate change, 196 countries agreed to the Paris climate... Continue Reading →

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