NHL Award Predictions

The NHL’s announcement of its plans to resume play contained mostly good news (check out my “NHL Playoffs Explained” article for more info). Yet, there is one negative aspect: the fact that the 2019-2020 regular season will not be completed. But since we now know that the regular season will not be resumed, I thought... Continue Reading →

2020 NFL Offensive Rookie Preview

In April, NFL fans were pleased to hear that the NFL would hold its draft. Raking in record numbers for draft viewership, 50 million viewers tuned in over the three-day span. And alongside this, the draft had a great deal of media coverage. At Quibbl, we covered the draft in my article: “The Winners and... Continue Reading →

NHL Playoffs Explained

On May 24th, the NHL announced its “Return to Play Plan” which outlines guidelines pertaining to a new playoff format and draft lottery. Sports-deprived fans across America were excited to hear that playoff hockey will likely be back barring no major coronavirus setbacks. While the NHL coronavirus pause was certainly eventful, it’s nice to hear... Continue Reading →

NFL Offseason Roundup

With the conclusion of the NFL draft in April and the subsequent free agent signings like Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco, most NFL team’s rosters for preseason are set. While there are certainly a few more questions left like where Jadaveon Clowney and Cam Newton will sign, most teams are looking to prep their players... Continue Reading →

NBA Playoff Fantasy Round 2

The first round of the NBA Playoff Fantasy is over and we are now on to the Conference Semifinal games. We will explain how each team made it through the first round and preview the next round’s worth of match-ups. The Eastern Conference 1. Milwaukee Bucks vs. 4. Miami Heat In the first round, the... Continue Reading →

The iRacing Phenomenon

For the past few months, most sports have been put on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes motorsports as NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar, and other racing divisions that have had their races postponed due to the close proximity that engineers and mechanics work in. Yet, maybe you’d be surprised to hear that there... Continue Reading →

NBA Playoff Fantasy Conference Finals

It is the Conference Finals in the NBA Playoff Fantasy. We will once again evaluate how each team has made it as far as they have and preview the match-up to give a better sense of who might move on to the NBA Finals. Eastern Conference Finals 1. Bucks vs. 3. Celtics The Bucks have... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the NHL Covid-19 Pause

In the midst of the final stretch of the regular season, the Ottawa Senators faced the Los Angeles Kings on March 11th in L.A., losing 2-3. This would be the last game for the foreseeable future as the NHL announced that its 2020 season would be put on pause the next day. While this decision... Continue Reading →

NBA Playoff Fantasy

The NBA playoffs were set to begin on April 18th. While the regular season never ended and we have yet to have the opportunity to see what teams would have officially made the playoffs (with some exceptions), we will construct a fantasy NBA playoffs round by round based on how the first 67 games of... Continue Reading →

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