NBA Playoff Fantasy Round 2

The first round of the NBA Playoff Fantasy is over and we are now on to the Conference Semifinal games. We will explain how each team made it through the first round and preview the next round’s worth of match-ups. The Eastern Conference 1. Milwaukee Bucks vs. 4. Miami Heat In the first round, the... Continue Reading →

NBA Playoff Fantasy Conference Finals

It is the Conference Finals in the NBA Playoff Fantasy. We will once again evaluate how each team has made it as far as they have and preview the match-up to give a better sense of who might move on to the NBA Finals. Eastern Conference Finals 1. Bucks vs. 3. Celtics The Bucks have... Continue Reading →

NBA Playoff Fantasy

The NBA playoffs were set to begin on April 18th. While the regular season never ended and we have yet to have the opportunity to see what teams would have officially made the playoffs (with some exceptions), we will construct a fantasy NBA playoffs round by round based on how the first 67 games of... Continue Reading →

NBA Season Review

We have been without the NBA since it played four of its six scheduled games on March 11th and Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus causing the final two games of that day to be canceled as well as the remaining portion of the season. The regular season was set to end on April 15th... Continue Reading →

MLB Power Rankings

Baseball season is just about back in full swing which means it is time for the preseason power rankings. It was a crazy offseason with a lot of big-name players moving through trades and signing major contracts including players like Anthony Rendon who won a World Series with the Nationals, Gerrit Cole who is ranked... Continue Reading →

NFL Combine Biggest Winners

The NFL Combine took place in Indianapolis for the top NFL prospects between February 28 and March 2. This article will look at some of the players who stood out with great performances (in no particular order) and may have increased their draft stocks heading into the 2020 NFL Draft that will take place from... Continue Reading →

Bucks Historic Season

The Bucks are having a historic season and can still build on it. The Bucks hold the best record in the NBA at 52-8 with a ten-game lead over the second-place Raptors in the Eastern Conference. The Bucks lead the league scoring 119.6 points per game and a +12.8 point differential on its opponents. What... Continue Reading →

NBA Bubble Playoff Teams

Now that All-Star Weekend has passed and every team has just under 30 games remaining on the schedule, it is a good time to look at what teams could still be on the bubble for making the playoffs while most other teams have either already been determined to be in or out. Eastern Conference Brooklyn... Continue Reading →

Mid-season NBA Power Rankings

We are now at the 2020 NBA All-Star Break and past the trade deadline. It is time to take a look at where some teams have stacked up to this point in the season with an updated power ranking 1.Bucks: Current Record: 46-8 The Bucks have been the best team in the NBA all season... Continue Reading →

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