One question each NBA team answered on Draft Night and one question they still face heading into Free Agency – Part 4: Teams drafting #22-30

Photo: Julio Cortez (AP) Thursday night’s draft signaled the beginning of a new NBA season. It’s a promising time because your top prospect has yet to be labeled a bust and your team still has dreams of hitting it big in free agency. Some things were clarified during the draft, but plenty of uncertainty remains.... Continue Reading →

The Implications of a Wild NBA Draft Lottery

14 teams enter; 1 team leaves...with Zion. This year’s NBA draft lottery had the kind of high stakes drama, excitement, and anguish that would be well-suited for the Thunderdome. The prize, Zion Williamson, is the most anticipated player since Lebron James in 2003. Drafted behind Zion will almost certainly be Ja Morant and RJ Barrett.... Continue Reading →

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