Game of Thrones Episode 6 Summary

By Jacob Lieberman “What's the point in serving a god if none of us knows what he wants?” – Jon Snow   Welcome back, Quibblers, to our penultimate Game of Thrones recap of 2017. The second to last episode of each season usually features a major turning point and/or a large set piece battle, and... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones Episode 4 Summary

By Jacob Lieberman "You don't need me anymore." - Meera Reed Hi everyone, and welcome back to our fourth week of Game of Thrones coverage. I’ll try to keep this recap short and sweet, much like episode four, “Spoils of War.” This week the board has narrowed considerably. Most of our main characters are now... Continue Reading →

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bob

After investigating the possible Trump-Russia conspiracy, Mueller might finally have time to figure out once and for all if Paul McCartney is dead. You say you want a prosecution: Mueller impanels grand juries as Quibbl painfully forces Beatles references and painstakingly tracks the special counsel’s progress By Jake Klawans with Ben Purcell Bob the (case)... Continue Reading →

Your Thrones Summary for Week Three

This article is part of Quibbl’s coverage of Game of Thrones. For a map of coverage, go here By Jacob Lieberman  We’re back! Welcome to another week of Game of Thrones recaps, brought to you by the sells swords at Quibbl. This week’s episode was a doozy, with some long awaited meetings and what could turn... Continue Reading →

Staff Notes for Week Two–Dammit Theon

This article is part of Quibbl's coverage of Game of Thrones, to see a map of coverage click here--all our past coverage and bets of the week By Jake Klawans About Jake Klawans: as Quibbl's UC Berkeley Campus correspondent*, Mr. Klawans writes political coverage for Quibbl - a YCombinator finalist startup disrupting the way we... Continue Reading →

Magical Mystery Mueller

If Mueller does a really good job, he’ll be promoted to extra special counsel By Jake Klawans, edited by Ben Purcell  Bob’s Job After a year of the media playing six degrees of separation between the Trump family/campaign and Russian oligarchs, Washington has turned to one man to separate fact from fiction and write the... Continue Reading →

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