ICYMI: Quibbl’s Top Stories

Sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden Former Senate aid Tara Reade has alleged Joe Biden sexually assualted her while she worked for him. But the media has its doubts... The Conservative Revolt Against MI Governer Whitmar Michigan has some of has some of the strictest social distancing measures in the country. Which groups are demanding... Continue Reading →

March 2nd’s Israeli elections

Why it matters: Israel is an important ally for the US in the middle east, so the political stability of this ally is critical to our foreign policy goals. We send them $3.8 Billion a year in military aid. This past election is the 3rd in the past year in the politically deadlocked country. Netanyahu’s... Continue Reading →

Jackson’s Secret?

Each week, Quibbl breaks down the biggest Entertainment stories and asks users the biggest questions about what will happen next. Who will cheat on who? Who will break the law? Predict correctly and move up Quibbl's #CelebrityScandal Leaderboard. Written by Emily Hansen There are few people more dedicated to music than the unforgiving, awe-inspiring, moon-walking... Continue Reading →

Amazon Go to Revolutionize Supermarkets

Quibbl Politics writer Sabrina Schnurr discusses the supermarket industry and how Amazon is shaking things up with its revolutionary new supermarkets, which the company has dubbed Amazon Go. By Sabrina Schnurr For a over century, customers have been following the same routine at grocery stores: grab a cart, search through aisles for items, wait in... Continue Reading →

Opinion: Tearing Apart a Family

Quibbl Politics writer Sam Wexler discusses his thoughts on DACA through the lens of a family affected by DACA and U.S. immigration policy in this Opinion Piece.  By Sam Wexler In recent months, DACA, or rather a solution for undocumented people that were brought here as children, has been one of the most talked about... Continue Reading →

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