MLB State of the Game Part 3

Tanking and the Possibility (or Probability) of a Strike Whether it’s the NFL, MLB, or  NBA, tanking permeates professional sports. Other leagues, especially the NBA, have taken steps to dissuade teams from losing on purpose. Under commissioner Adam Silver, tanking is becoming less prevalent in professional basketball because the league reshaped its draft lottery rules.... Continue Reading →

MLB Week in Review: 5/24/19

Minnesota’s Incredible Run, Yankees Keep Rolling, An Apology to the Cubs and More The running theme of this week is that baseball writers, including this columnist, get things wrong. One week, everyone will claim a team is doomed but, days later, that same club will look like the best team in the game. Or, on... Continue Reading →

MLB State of the Game Part 2

Smart spending, versatility and the evolution of pitching It’s safe to say that baseball has changed drastically, and will continue to do so, in all facets of the game. One of the most tangible shifts in the sport can be found in the philosophies executives use to build their clubs into championship-caliber teams. The days... Continue Reading →

2019 MLB Season Predictions

[Author’s note: this article was written before the beginning of the games on April 1.] The grass is green and the air smells like hot dogs and popcorn. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, it’s not the holiday season; it’s something even better. A new MLB season has dawned and hope is... Continue Reading →

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