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What’s this all about?

Quibbl is a project to address the biggest problems with online news consumption. We are attempting to fix today’s broken news, by betting on it. Through the process, we have created a gamified, news experience that is fun and shockingly addictive.

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Sounds great. But why?

Because viral news and echo chambers are a major social problem. In fact, as Buzzfeed reports, toward the end of the 2016 US Presidential Election, fake news stories actually generated more total engagement (clicks, likes, shares) than real news stories.

Contrary to popular belief, this issue is not regulated to a particular political persuasion. Liberals and conservatives are both falling for fake news. In fact, as Forbes reports, approximately 75% of Americans will fall for fake news stories.

Statistically speaking, if you are the average American reading this, you probably believe that you are not susceptible to fall for fake news. Also, statistically speaking, you are probably wrong.

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Okay, we get that the current news system is broken. But how does betting on the news (for points) solve anything?

The current system of mass producing online content isn’t going away. To make money, content providers need to create a content factory under one roof. Then, they need to get viral clicks and shares to build a user base. The credibility of the news they produce has very little to do with what goes viral. In fact, the most extreme, controversial or “click bait” worthy articles get shared across Facebook, Reddit & other platforms.

We could all invest in fact-checking, but practically speaking, with so many opinions out there, how do you sort through what’s crazy and what’s true?

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So you want to bet on the news? 

We believe that betting at quibbl serves 3 purposes

  1. Fun (& shockingly addictive) – if you are one of the ~20m Americans who compete in your office’s Oscar Pool, or one of the ~50m Americans who plays Fantasy Football, following content, betting on it, and seeing how you stack up against the competition is massively addictive for a very good reason. Call us immature, but at quibbl, we like to compete, we like to win & our team fights tooth and nail to win the top of our leaderboards.

  2. Supercharge user engagement to maximize critical thinking potential – When our users bet, they become more engaged and find that their critical thinking muscles get pushed to 100%. Whether you are playing to win or whether you just enjoy the thrill of learning more, quibbl uses the principles of behavioral psychology to make you a smarter, sharper and better informed newsreader. #science

  3. Leaderboards encourage our community to “put their money where their mouth is.” By featuring data-driven, user track records, our platform is better able to flag suspicious stories (or unlikely events). We give our readers the tools to evaluate one another and to assess stories from all relevant angles. Through this process, we equip them to protect themselves and others from fake news and incomplete stories.

Okay, you’ve wasted enough time to read all of this. At this point, why not just go to the site and try it out? If you hate quibbl, we promise to publish your hate mail on our site. Basically, this is what quibbl is all about.

Quibbl here



A note from the editor:

For those of you who were too stubborn to click on the link, we’ve compiled the the rest of the FAQ below. Nobody will actually read those so most of the below is garbage that we copy-pasted from various forums online. Shhhhh.

Fine, whatever, I’ll try it. What happens when this takes off?

First off, some of our users will become really insufferable, because they have become lodged at the top of our 100s of topic leaderboards, raging from Game of Thrones to National Security to NFL Trades.

Luckily, if those users are arrogant and wrong, they will probably come crashing down to earth as newer, smarter, better users, crush them and take their place. Perhaps one of those new users is you.

Tell me more…

More broadly, we think that this is the long-term path to fix our news ecosystem. We need an incentive system to challenge bad news and to create accountability for individuals accurately assessing events. We need a way for people with different points of view to come together and break out of their echo-chambers. A game of competition makes it possible to bridge different perspectives (INSTEAD OF ANONYMOUSLY ARGUING LIKE THIS ONLINE).


Please stop yelling

Sorry about that.

Look, traditional fact checking is important, but is no longer sufficient, because information moves so fast! In this new era, we need a way to assess the credibility of both of the people writing the news and also the people sharing the news.

Quibbl is a community platform that gives us all the tools to fix the system, to help one another, to start screaming less and to start learning more.

Quibbl here




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