Senator Richard Burr Steps Down After Insider Trading

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina will step down as chair of the Senate Intelligence after the FBI seized his cell phone and searched his home as part of their investigation into his coronavirus insider trading. The Justice Department had been examining Burr’s sale of 33 stocks, close to $1.72 million in value, in February. This was after... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the NHL Covid-19 Pause

In the midst of the final stretch of the regular season, the Ottawa Senators faced the Los Angeles Kings on March 11th in L.A., losing 2-3. This would be the last game for the foreseeable future as the NHL announced that its 2020 season would be put on pause the next day. While this decision... Continue Reading →

NBA Playoff Fantasy

The NBA playoffs were set to begin on April 18th. While the regular season never ended and we have yet to have the opportunity to see what teams would have officially made the playoffs (with some exceptions), we will construct a fantasy NBA playoffs round by round based on how the first 67 games of... Continue Reading →

The Supreme Court Tosses Out ‘Bridgegate’ Convictoins

The Supreme Court has unanimously overturned the convictions related to the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal. In 2013, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie colluded to create traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey for political reasons. This major corruption scandal toppled Christie’s political career and called into question how corruption is handled at the federal level and the... Continue Reading →

5 Bold Predictions for the 2020 NFL Season

Quibbl picks five hot takes for the 2020 NFL season With the completion of the 2020 NFL draft, teams are close to finalizing their rosters for training camp. Many of the big offseason questions have been answered like where Tom Brady and Drew Brees will sign. While it might seem plausible that certain teams and... Continue Reading →

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