NBA Season Review

We have been without the NBA since it played four of its six scheduled games on March 11th and Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus causing the final two games of that day to be canceled as well as the remaining portion of the season. The regular season was set to end on April 15th... Continue Reading →

The COVID-19 Gun Debate

After multiple Governors across the nation closed gun stores amid the Covid-19 shutdowns, the NRA sued local county governments and Governors like Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), lobbied to Congress, and eventually got the Trump administration to deem gun shops as essential businesses. At the same time, gun stores had record sales in... Continue Reading →

Controversy over Georgia’s Governor Reopening the Economy

A week after President Trump announced guidelines for reopening the economy, some states are aggressively pushing to reopen sooner rather than later. With some states cautiously beginning to reopen, the debate over whether to reopen or not is a fraught one. States that are lifting some restrictions include Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, Montana, South Carolina, and... Continue Reading →

ICYMI: Quibbl’s Top Stories

Sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden Former Senate aid Tara Reade has alleged Joe Biden sexually assualted her while she worked for him. But the media has its doubts... The Conservative Revolt Against MI Governer Whitmar Michigan has some of has some of the strictest social distancing measures in the country. Which groups are demanding... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus’ Disproportionate Effects on African Americans and Men

Although the coronavirus doesn’t seem to discriminate—stars such as Tom Hanks and royalty such as Prince Charles have been infected—some data shows otherwise. In fact, certain groups seem to be getting hit harder by the virus; it seems to disproportionally affect African Americans and men compared to other races and genders. This draws attention to the health disparities still... Continue Reading →

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