The Recent Democratic Debate and Voting’s Reflection of Sanders in 2016

With Bernie Sanders once again one of the leading candidates in the race to be the Democratic nominee, many are comparing his current results with that of the 2016 primary. With the field narrowed down to two major contenders, news outlets are now focusing on covering the key demographics of each candidate’s voters and are able to study the general approach that the majority of the democratic party lies on. 

By starting out by rubbing each other’s elbows in Sunday’s debate, the candidates dove right into the discussion of healthcare and their own takes on the current Coronavirus pandemic. While they did both attack and draw contrasts from Trump’s approach to the situation, Biden and Sanders also had different approaches themselves. Biden urged for more testing and an increase in hospital capacity while also distributing interest-free loans to smaller businesses in need. Sanders encouraged the idea of Medicare for All again in order to minimize costs for necessary treatments and unemployment. In terms of military involvement, Sanders discussed how Trump could provide liquidity for the banks that would result in Americans being able to pay off mortgages, while Biden addressed how he’d prepare military forces. On another note, the candidates discussed the importance of ensuring the Cabinet distributes the best advice regarding women’s health in order to “look like the country”; Biden committed to a female vice-president and Sanders said, “in all likelihood” he will too. Although healthcare seemed to be the priority of this debate, the candidates discussed climate change, Iraq, Social Security, and other prominent issues as well before wrapping up with hopeful messages to Americans during this pandemic.      

Upcoming 2020 Primaries Predictions Photo Credit: FiveThirtyEight

With only two candidates left, the strengths and weaknesses of each one become more and more highlighted as the last round of delegates is allotted. News establishments in favor of Sanders argue he captures the widespread progressive party and secures the youth votes. His policies such as Medicare for all have performed well in general. His supporters are consistent and strong-minded, making it hard for him to lose supporters relative to many of Biden’s supporters who turned to him as a result of their favored candidate dropping out of the race. Sanders continues to be the progressive candidate and is continually showing his stronger debate performances relative to those of Biden. However, his recent results have been worse than those of the 2016 race, which he did not win. He lost Michigan and Washington, both major states that he won in 2016. In 2016 he was close to winning Missouri as well, but this year he lost it by a significant amount. His youth voter turnout in places such as Virginia has been less as well, prompting other news sites to discuss the likelihood of Biden sweeping the title.           

Biden’s centrist point of view seems to be supported by previous delegates as well. His substantial amount of supporters seems to outweigh Sanders’ young and Latinx voters. With Biden performing well in Super Tuesday and in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona recently, his path to being the Democratic nominee seems strong. 

As of recent results, the polls seem to favor Biden. The two candidates went head to head yet again this Sunday, reiterating and strengthening their platforms while giving hope to Americans especially during such a time of crisis.

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