Weekly Recap: Republican’s continued dismissal of public hearings

  • Very little to none of Donald Trump’s supporters have “jumped ship” during the impeachment inquiry, and instead, are denying the inquiry will go anywhere. They have been profusely explaining there is no evidence of a quid pro quo, and most claim they have not even watched the public trials. Donald Trump himself even said he was too busy working to watch his own impeachment trials.  
  • Why it matters: Most supporters of Trump are relying on what he and members of his administration are claiming: the inquiry is “B.S.”, as Lindsey Graham put it. Because of this, Republicans have been denying any evidence of quid pro quo in the testimonies of characters like Bill Taylor and Gordon Sondland. The impeachment system has been made a joke in many conservative eyes because of the way Trump has been handling the allegations, as stated by Vanity Fair
  • Democrat Point of View: Democrats have been limited themselves to taking the testimonies of officials who are willing. They believe the refusal to testify will only further bring attention to Trump’s abuse of power. Also, they worry that by getting into a legal battle over presidential confidentiality with officials who have denied their subpoena, the inquiry will be delayed further than they are willing. You can read more on the New Yorker.  
  • Conservative Point of View: Congressman Jody Hice tweeted, “the impeachment hoax continues to unravel, day by day, minute by minute. #DemsGotNothing”. Many other Republican officials have been doing the same, following Trump’s lead of continuously bashing the inquiry, according to the New Yorker. The process has been called a sham, a hoax, and unfair. Despite Sondland’s recent damning testimony, Republicans only continue to invalidate the impeachment proceedings in hopes of saving Trump’s position in office.  

What we want to know on Quibbl

  • Will Senate Republicans continue to claim ignorance on the state of the impeachment proceedings in future interviews?  link

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