Weekly Recap: Impeachment Inquiry and the public hearings

  • Why it matters: The House hearings represent the public’s first-time hearing witnesses involved in the controversy. These hearings are also coming during a very partisan time, with most people on one distinct side of the inquiry. This means it is not likely that Trump will see any major support decline within his own party. Unlike other impeachments America has seen, Trump is expected to be very heavy-handed on Twitter, which could shape the public opinion.  
  • What the left is saying: At least 228 Democrats in the House are supporting Donald Trump’s impeachment (plus one independent member), which makes up more than half of the House. While these Democrats are saying they support impeachment investigation, they are waiting for the hearings to decide whether to vote to impeach Trump.  
  • What the right is saying: Republicans have been arguing that the impeachment inquiry is happening in “secret”, although 47 Republicans on committees have access to the depositions. Despite the criticism of the closed-door depositions, Republicans are now either saying the public hearings are “boring” or that they won’t be watching them at all. Multiple people close to Trump, including the White House Press Secretary call the hearings a “sham” and a “waste of tax-payers money”. Even Donald Trump told reporters he was “too busy to watch it”.  

What we want to know on Quibbl 

  • Bill Taylor echoed his private testimony in a public hearing on Wednesday, saying there was a coordinated effort to force Ukraine into a quid pro quo. Since Republicans have claimed that private testimonies cannot be trusted, will they change their minds following his public testimony? (link)

  • Trump’s team has argued that the officials that have testified against the president have argued that those people are disloyal deep state actors, who are not significant members in the core administration. John Bolton has been very loyal to Trump’s team and has yet to testify (executive exemption elaboration). Will John Bolton “stand strong” and not testify?  (link)
  • Lindsey Graham said that he would support impeachment if there were truly a ‘quid pro quo’. He also said that he would not read the private transcripts. Will Lindsey Graham retract his comment and read transcripts or double down? (link)

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