Weekly Recap: “The Warning” Promises to Reveal Dysfunction Inside Trump Administration

Anonymous senior Trump administration official to release a book on Nov. 19 which will reveal private Trump conversations

  • A tell-all book titled “The Warning” is expected to recount specific conversations from meetings between President Trump and the author, one of Trump’s senior administration officials. The anonymous author claims to have access to extensive, internal information that he plans to expose to the public. “You will hear a great deal from Donald Trump directly, for there is no better witness to his character than his own words,” the author writes on the book’s back cover, seen for the first time in the graphic above.
  • Why it matters:  Anonymous is trying to persuade voters to vote against Trump in the 2020 election. We’ve seen a number of whistleblowers come out in recent months and high turnover throughout the Trump Administration. To date, although Trump’s polling has been underwater throughout most of his presidency, little has moved the needle in terms of his core base of support.
  • What the left is saying: Although some on the left have already criticized the administration official for not putting his name on the record, Jack Schafer from Politico argues that “resistance twitter” should read the book. “When first published, it seemed vague, unnecessarily guarded and excessively self-congratulatory about its own courage. But read in the context of what we’ve learned since about resistance by senior officials to President Donald Trump’s orders, the op-ed seems a lot smarter.”
  • What the right is saying: Sara Huckabee Sanders has called on the author to resign.  Echoing “resistance twitter”, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine asked why the author wouldn’t come out and make his or her case publically.

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