MLB State of the Game Part 3

Tanking and the Possibility (or Probability) of a Strike Whether it’s the NFL, MLB, or  NBA, tanking permeates professional sports. Other leagues, especially the NBA, have taken steps to dissuade teams from losing on purpose. Under commissioner Adam Silver, tanking is becoming less prevalent in professional basketball because the league reshaped its draft lottery rules.... Continue Reading →

How do Chelsea Respond to their Transfer Ban?

Chelsea have been hit with a transfer ban from FIFA after alleged illegal transfer of youth players. In the recent past, many clubs have had to deal with similar sanctions. The list includes Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and others. Considering Eden Hazard's comments after the Blues' Europa League win, there was reason to be concerned... Continue Reading →

Why Uruguay can win the Copa América

Brazil are hosting this summer's Copa América and are among the favorites to win. Likewise, so is Argentina who are led by Lionel Messi. However, there is one nation that is often overlooked when considering which team may win the tournament. Uruguay have won the most Copa América titles with 15, the last of which... Continue Reading →

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