Well I think it’s over


It has finally happened, whether it is the two-episode arc of Dany going crazy, which I will say I did predict in one of our quibbls (the one predictions that was accurate). Or the really disappointing death of Jaime and Cersei , the episode of Game of Thrones has arrived. Wasn’t Cersei supposed to die in a fiery battle with Daenerys? Come on, if the Night King plot was so anticlimactic can’t at least one battle end with a severe fight scene. It would only be fair to the fans who have watched this show for ten years. The mountain’s face finally made an appearance, and the Hound got his revenge in the best way, killing himself and his brother in a fiery pit of doom. Fitting how both siblings died together, how sweet I mean almost.


Now back to the Dany insanity. She murdered Vary’s; I mean he was going to backstab Dany, but she could’ve talked to him or something! And its Tyrion’s best friend! That was the saddest part She murdered Tyrion’s only friend to make him fear her, it’s a power move. But again it took two episodes of Missandei dying, the North liking Jon, and BELLS!!!!! The Battle ended, she had the civilians, and the armies throwing down their weapons, the bells go off, and BOOOM burned them all. She didn’t go for the Red Keep either to kill Cersei, the equivalent of the Masters in Essos, but went straight to killing the innocent. She is completely destroying her character plot since season one.


Well for the rest of the episode it was just Jon and Arya surviving and killing people. But what comes next? We can’t not watch the last episode because again, ten years of watching this show and the last 90 minutes of the series are owed to the fans. Did we have the Battle of Fire and Ice, are we supposed to believe that this is what is going to be in the last episode? Well it could be, Jon is from the North, and Dany has Dragon, but what if we already had the Battle of Ice against the Night King and the Battle of Fire, with Dany going crazy with her Dragon all over Kingslanding. It makes sense, comment below if you agree, or disagree. Either way, I have no idea what is going to happen anymore


I wish this episode nay this season was better, and I know that many of you agree, but I’m giving these writers one more chance because what else could go wrong? Other than never being able to rewatch the show without thinking about how painful the ending is. That’s alright we do that for The Office already.

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