Half Way There

She’s back, Cersei pulled out all the cards, and she is the force to reckon with in the battle next week. After winning the battle of Winterfell, the North, and everyone is celebrating, including, Brienne and Jaime???? Finally!!!!!! this love has been in the making since they met in season 2 poor Tormund though, he would love to be with her, but Jaime is always going to win Brienne’s heart. Daeny made Gendry a Lord, legitimized him as a Baratheon, and when he went to Arya with the hopes that she would come to Storms End with him, She pulled the biggest Arya move. She said no. I mean why would she be a lady when she could be the badass assassin that we have grown to love? Cheer up Gendry you’ll be fine (unless you die in this next episode.)


Now back to the action, with Jon and Daeny, oh god. I am sensing that Daeny could become the Mad Queen, like Father like daughter? She even begs Jon to zip his lip about being a Targareon because she knows that he is the lovable leader and she is the foreign Queen, with a history of murder. well, his secret didn’t last long now that “eight” people know. I wonder what kind of a field Varys is going to have with his one, now that he thinks that Jon would be a better leader than Daeny.
Not only that but her best friend, Missandei, is beheaded and Rhaegal died, leaving Daeny’s army even weaker than before.
I’m so upset that Jaime left for Cersei and when Brienne begged for him to stay, he just left. All of the brownie-points that this king slayer had received over the past four seasons are gone. Sorry but you are probably going to be killed, and I hope Brienne does it!
Lastly, TRYIONNNNNNN you are such a badass for calling Cersei out on her pregnancy I mean the memes going around the internet say it better than I could ever write.

This episode was my favorite of the season, the most drama, the most deaths, and goodbyes. Goodbye Ghost, you will be missed. We are officially out of direwolves (RIP Stark symbolism) we are out of the North, and two more episodes to go. You got this HBO don’t let us down.
P.S. if Bran is all knowing how would he not see the Iron Fleet coming… come on! What are you good for if you literally keep your mouth shut and don’t even help when you probably knew about the attack. Bran, go back to beyond the wall, you are doing nothing for the show, except being good bait.

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