Disappointment Or a Masterpiece?

“Boy, I really wish I knew what was happening.” This was the highest trending quote on the Game of Thrones reddit after the Battle Of Winterfell. This episode… how does it make me feel, confused, concerned? Disappointed? Happy? Yes, all those emotions, the long-awaited battle since the beginning of the first season has come and gone. The Knight King is dead by our resident badass Arya; although it was such an intriguing battle, the ending was underwhelming. Does this mean that the Cerasi plot to take over Westeros is more important than the battle for the living? I have more questions than I had before this episode, but the biggest one is, was it supposed to be that dark?

Was this battle just about killing non-essential plot characters? Daeny was in the line of fire, but it’s understandable that Jorah died for her. This is the full circle plot arc for Jorah, I mean he was supposed to kill her in season one, but his love for her ended with him dying for her. Why does this battle make it seem like it would be impossible to kill the night army after all the Dothraki died, but this army was so easily killed that it was impressive that the North wasn’t able to kill them earlier. I’m unsure if Game of Thrones made the biggest mistake of the show. I mean I love Arya but how did she kill him? Sneak up on an army? Explain this to me!!!!! How did she do this???? However, I can still say, it was a heroic moment because (girl power) she killed the worst army in the world.

The death count in this episode was seven good guys(if you consider Theon and Milisandra good) and the Knight King. That is eight people! They made it seem like this episode was going to have eight surviving characters, but we were all wrong. Directors needed to kill someone important, were these last three episodes of build-up that led to nothing? Those who have waited so long for this episode have been disappointed. For those who have appreciated this episode, I am jealous with all my cold dead heart.

I will say, that Tyrion is alive, so that did make me feel better, but when the actors in the show say “be prepared” I expect more than a dark screen with barely any candlelight and more than seven semi-important deaths.
If you have a more positive and more artistic view of what happened, please comment below so that I can someday understand. Also, does anyone else think that this long-awaited battle paled in comparison to the Battle of the Bastards? (season 6 episode 9)

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