MLB State of the Game Part 2

Smart spending, versatility and the evolution of pitching It’s safe to say that baseball has changed drastically, and will continue to do so, in all facets of the game. One of the most tangible shifts in the sport can be found in the philosophies executives use to build their clubs into championship-caliber teams. The days... Continue Reading →

Well I think it’s over It has finally happened, whether it is the two-episode arc of Dany going crazy, which I will say I did predict in one of our quibbls (the one predictions that was accurate). Or the really disappointing death of Jaime and Cersei , the episode of Game of Thrones has arrived. Wasn’t Cersei supposed to... Continue Reading →

Half Way There

She's back, Cersei pulled out all the cards, and she is the force to reckon with in the battle next week. After winning the battle of Winterfell, the North, and everyone is celebrating, including, Brienne and Jaime???? Finally!!!!!! this love has been in the making since they met in season 2 poor Tormund though, he... Continue Reading →

Disappointment Or a Masterpiece?

“Boy, I really wish I knew what was happening.” This was the highest trending quote on the Game of Thrones reddit after the Battle Of Winterfell. This episode… how does it make me feel, confused, concerned? Disappointed? Happy? Yes, all those emotions, the long-awaited battle since the beginning of the first season has come and... Continue Reading →

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