Game of Thrones: Episode 69

What an episode, though it has been five days since the episode aired it has taken me this long to be able to write about everything. Though this episode marks the second episode, it means that we’re done with the lead-up. Gendry and  Arya meet for the first time since the red woman paid for him. And let’s just say it got more raunchy then people thought it would be or maybe even wanted? I mean I personally think it was tasteful, but for those who still think she looks ten, I understand why people would call it uncomfortable.

   Sansa and Daenerys had a meeting of the mines and a huge moment happened, they got along! I mean they are some bad bitches who could take over Westeros. Sansa warden of the North, and Dany sitting on the Iron Throne, I can see it now, if they don’t get murdered in this weeks episode. Other than the exciting interaction with Dany and Sansa, there seems to be a lot of character arcs that were closing in the episode: Brienne of Tarth was finally knighted which is all she wanted since we first met her in season 2 and by Jaime no less! Those two should get together, but it seems that since Brienne and Jaime have closed all their ties, it might be their time to die.

   Now that is not set in stone, but all those people sitting around by the fire seems like a beautiful farewell moment. As we see the battle of Winterfell coming this weekend, we all must brace ourselves for the fact that this is probably the moment when all the non-plot essential people will be killed off. Davos? Perhaps, he had that moment with the little girl which made him come to terms that his life has come in full circle after Stannis Baratheon’s death. Jaime was finally able to make amends with Bran, and knight Brienne I would say it is adios for him as well. Podrik, the man known as the biggest lady killer in all of Westeros, as much as we love an underdog, I would place some bets that he doesn’t survive this battle. If I mention Tyrion’s possible death, I will start crying so I will not even touch that topic until I know for sure.

   The time has come there is no more waiting, and once this 88 minutes episode is done, it will be clearer who will win the game of thrones. (please don’t let Tyrion die)

Oh and one final thing, Jon finally told Dany that he is Aegon Targaryen, DRAMAAAAAAA she was pissed, but I don’t think that is fair of her. I mean if they survive the wars to come, which I bet they will at least survive the Battle of Winterfell, it will give him leverage to take the north back.

Only time will tell, so get some tissues, and maybe a pint of ice cream or liquor, because we’re all gonna need it.  

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