Game of Thrones: Episode 69

What an episode, though it has been five days since the episode aired it has taken me this long to be able to write about everything. Though this episode marks the second episode, it means that we're done with the lead-up. Gendry and  Arya meet for the first time since the red woman paid for... Continue Reading →

Worth the Wait?

There is a lot to catch up on with the episode of Game of Thrones that came out Sunday, or maybe not? The first episode had many people shaking with excitement thinking about how much was coming in the next five episodes. The unification of Arya and Jon (brought a tear to my cold dead... Continue Reading →

The Arab Thaw

By Peter Case Recent protests in North Africa have excited the media, immediately drawing comparisons with the 2011 Arab uprisings, also known as the Arab Spring. In late 2010, a street vendor in a small Tunisian town self-immolated to protest the overextension of regime authority. The street vendor, a young man named Mohamed Bouazizi, was... Continue Reading →

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