2020 Election: Who will run?

Each week, Quibbl breaks down the biggest elections stories and asks users the big questions about what will happen next. Who will announce their candidacy for the 2020 Presidential election by the end of 2018? Predict correctly and move up Quibbl’s #Elections Leaderboard. 

By Jasleen Chaggar

Joe Biden

With the furor of the Midterm elections over, all eyes now turn to the Presidential race of 2020. Just last month, the former Vice President, Joe Biden, remained characteristically enigmatic with his statement that he wasn’t running for election “at this point.” Having previously promised to announce whether he will run for President after the midterm election cycle, the time has come for the Democrat favorite to decide. Will Joe Biden officially announce he’s running for President by the end of 2018?

Kamala Harris

A firm favorite of the Democratic party and Junior Senator for California, Kamala Harris is often touted as a potential candidate for the 2020 Presidential Race. One of only two African-American women ever elected to the Senate, Harris has recently proved her mettle and gained popularity thanks to her role in the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings. Will Senator Kamala Harris officially announce she’s running for President by the end of 2018?

Elizabeth Warren

Having successfully defended her Massachusetts Senate seat in the recent midterm elections, Elizabeth Warren must now decide whether she will run in the 2020 Presidential Race. Having promised that she would “take a hard look” at the prospect of running, this vocal critic of President Trump remains a popular choice. Will Senator Elizabeth Warren officially announce she’s running for President by the end of 2018?


Having also just been re-elected to her Senate seat, speculation surrounding a potential 2020 Presidential run by Kirsten Gillibrand has intensified. Her limited spending in the midterm election cycle has fueled rumors that Gillibrand economized to save money for a presidential bid. As an outspoken figure in her defense of women during recent sexual-harassment scandals, the Senator has experienced growing popularity. Will Senator Kirsten Gillibrand officially announce she’s running for President by the end of 2018?

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