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By Jasleen Chaggar

Florida Flag
Florida Flag

Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson faces a steep climb for the Florida Senate seat against his Republican challenger, Rick Scott. Despite having been continuously re-elected since the dawn of the new millennium, Nelson is thought to be running one of the most contentious races among Democrats seeking re-election. Will the Florida Senate race still be a toss-up by October 31st according to the ‘Real Clear Politics’ average?

With Arizona’s growing potential to flip blue, Democrats are watching the tight race with hopeful optimism. However, given the state’s track record of voting red in every Senate election since 1998, the deciding factor in this race is likely to be the public’s perception of Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, who is trying to drag her leftist image to the center. Will the ‘Real Clear Politics’ average still deem the Arizona Senate race a toss-up by October 31st?

The Senate Race in Montana between Democrat Jon Tester and Republican Matt Rosendale is still up for contention. Despite Big Sky Country’s tendency to vote blue in Senate and Gubernatorial races, Montana was a red state in the 2016 general election. With this in mind, will the ‘Real Clear Politics’ average still deem the Montana Senate race a toss-up by October 31st?

In North Dakota, where incumbent Democrat Heitkamp faces a challenge from 3-term Republican representative Cramer, the race for Senate is fiercely contested. As it stands, the Republicans appear fairly confident in Cramer’s victory in this traditionally red state, despite the favorable reputation held by Heitkamp. With this in mind, will the ‘Real Clear Politics’ average still deem the North Dakota Senate race as leaning in the Republican favor by October 31st?

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