2020: Democrats to Watch

Some have begun visiting key battleground states. Others are creating important partnerships with popular politicians. And Kamala Harris has a memoir set to come out in 2020. Here are some possible 2020 Democratic candidates to watch.

By Ava Mazzye

Americans unsatisfied with President Trump’s administration are impatient for politicians to announce their 2020 runs against Trump. The news media has offered us some solace by providing us with their predictions for 2020 Democrats.

Here are some possible candidates to watch, brought to you by Quibbl:

Cory Booker

In a recent CNN piece, the New Jersey Senator was named #8 on a ranking of 2020 Democrats. The piece compared his possible run to that of President Barack Obama, being that he too was a first-term Senator, who gave an impassioned speech at the DNC. Will Sen. Cory Booker challenge Trump in 2020?

Sen Kamala Harris Save Our Care Rally U.S. Capitol

In a recent CNN piece, Sen. Harris was named #3 on a ranking of 2020 Democrats. Harris, the first black and first Indian woman Senator from California, is set to publish a memoir in 2019, which suggests a run for president.

Rally at US Sen 0195 Senator Elizabeth Warren

In a recent CNN piece, the Massachusetts Senator was named #2 on a ranking of 2020 Democrats. Warren has been observed reaching out to politicians in key states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, which may suggest plans to run in 2020.

Joe Biden

Recently, there have been talks about the possibility of former Vice President Joe Biden challenging Trump in 2020. In a recent interview, Biden told MSNBC that he has not ruled it out, and will come to a decision by the end of the year. Will Joe Biden challenge Trump in 2020?


News sites have begun to speculate which Democrats will take on Trump in 2020. In the last presidential election cycle, Hillary Clinton announced her run in April 2015, while Trump announced his in June of the same year.

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