Predicting Congress: The Future of The Hill

Each week on Thursdays, Quibbl’s Julian Librizzi will break down the biggest stories that are going on in Congress. Here is a quick collection of all of the Congress related Quibbls that Julian Librizzi has written. Do you think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will stay in office? What do you think will happen with ZTE? Vote on what you will think will happen and move on up the #Congress Quibbl leaderboard.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has held her position since 2011. Recently, she has been strongly criticized by her fellow party members. Will House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi be kicked out of her position by the end of June?

Nancy Pelosi, the current leader of the House’s Democrats, has begun to lose favor among her fellow Democrats. Will the number of House Democrats pledging not to reelect Nancy Pelosi as the House’s Democratic leader surpass 40?

In response to President Trump’s tariffs on China, China has countered with their own tariffs on exports from America, including electric cars, soybeans, and whiskey. These tariffs are specifically targeting products that are popular in Republican districts, which directly affects the economy in these areas, which in turn puts pressure on the Republican politicians during a pivotal 2018 Midterm election season. Will Republicans keep control of the House?

ZTE, a Chinese telecom company, recently got exposed for exporting United States goods to North Korea and Iran, which are countries currently sanctioned by the US. In response, the United States set up sanctions on the company, even though President Trump noted that he is attempting to remove these sanctions. Will Congress block President Trump’s move to ease sanctions on Chinese telecom company ZTE by the end of June?

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