NBA Fantasy Offseason: Off-Season, Week 1

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By Cameron Van Hare

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Will the Spurs Trade Kawhi?

The Kawhi Leonard situation grows more complicated by the day. After a season where Kawhi sat all but 9 games, Leonard’s relationship with the Spurs became turbulent. Over the past few months, multiple reports have detailed Leonard’s desire to leave the Spurs, but San Antonio is not giving up easily. Popovich met with Leonard last Tuesday and General Manger R.C Buford has said the team is willing to explore options, and will do everything in their power to keep their superstar. We are now at a point where Leonard leaving is not a forgone conclusion, especially considering the Spur’sunwillingness to trade him to another Western Conference team. Will the Spurs end up trading Kawhi?

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Paul George to Stay in OKC?

Paul George to the Lakers has been all but guaranteed up until this point, but apparently, George is not opposed to staying in Oklahoma City. George is strongly considering a two-year deal from the Thunder this offseason. Staying in Oklahoma could give George another chance at a ring with Russell Westbrook, but the potential to play in his hometown team for more money could drive George to the Lakers. Will the Thunder resign Paul George?


Will the Hornets trade Kemba Walker?

Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker is wanted by several teams throughout the NBA. The Cavaliers and Lakers are reportedly considering a trade for Charlotte’s star player, who averaged 22 points last season. Despite the trade rumors, Hornets’ GM Mitch Kupchak wants Walker to stay and finish his career in Charlotte. Will Kemba Walker be traded?



Can the Thunder Get Rid of Carmelo Anthony?

After a season of career lows in Oklahoma City, Carmelo Anthony has opted into his deal for 2018-19.The Thuder are looking to rid themselves of Melo, following his poor play, inefficiency on the court, and his objections to coming off the bench. They will have trouble finding suitors, considering his $28 million dollar contract. Will the Thunder find a way to get rid of Carmelo Anthony before the season begins?


Will Chris Paul Resign with the Rockets?

After a phenomenal season in Houston, Chris Paul is a free agent. Though there have been reports of tension between Paul and the Rockets, the organization is confident they will re-sign their star point guard. Chris Paul is unlikely to give the Rockets a discount and is seeking a max contract. If the Rockets give CP3 a max deal, he will be 38 years old when the contract expires. Considering the risk surrounding Paul’s age and injury history, Houston may change their mind and allow the point guard to leave as a free agent. Will the Rockets sign Chris Paul this offseason?

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