Trump Update: Pardons and Potential Firings

Scott Pruitt and Rudy Giuliani have a lot of unforced errors and controversial behavior. Could they be the next to be granted a one-way ticket out of the Trump administration? Rumors have been circulating around Washington D.C. purporting that Paul Manafort and Martha Stewart could be next in line for potential pardons — for very different reasons. Make your predictions!

By the Quibbl Politics Staff

How Long Will They Last?

pruitt giuliani.png
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt (left); former NYC Mayor and current Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani (right)

President Donald Trump has demonstrated his loose trigger finger when it comes to personnel decisions, especially for people whose job involves speaking on his behalf. Though Trump has been complimentary of his new lawyer Rudy Giuliani up to this point, the administration’s greatest test is yet to come in the form of the mounting investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Despite reports that senior White House officials and top Republicans alike have called for EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s firing, President Donald Trump has made public his continual support of Pruitt. Last week, another scandal foiled Pruitt’s already checkered tenure as EPA head when word emerged that Pruitt had ordered an EPA staffer to arrange a call with the chairman of the fast food chain Chick-fil-A to discuss his wife becoming a franchisee. Prior to this most recent scandal, Pruitt was still the subject of at least 11 federal investigations.

Potential Trump Pardons

manafort stewart
Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort (left); Martha Stewart, Celebrity (right)

One of the powers, within the Federal government, that is exclusive to the president is the ability pardon or commute the sentences of the people who’ve been convicted of crimes. President Trump is well aware of this, as has been evidenced by his willingness to commute sentences and make pardons early in his presidency — something prior presidents have saved until the end of their presidencies. Martha Stewart is somebody on his radar for a pardon.

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was indicted last week following allegations that he had conspired to lie about the reasons behind his support of lobbying efforts on behalf of a pro-Russia government group in Ukraine. Manafort’s indictment has brought Trump one step closer to having to deal with Russia allegations in a court of law, with some believing that Trump must have known about what Manafort was doing. In theory, Trump could pardon Manafort to dismiss the charges immediately, but the move would likely be opposed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, bringing the two directly at odds against one another. To pardon Manafort, Trump will have to face the wrath of Mueller.

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