Trump Turnover Update: Potential Firings and Resignations

Turnover in the Trump administration has been higher and faster than virtually every other presidential administration in history. There have been resignations and firings ranging from the FBI Director to the White House Press Secretary (Sean Spicer) to the Communications Director (Scaramucci), National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, and even cabinet members.

Below are some updates (and quibbls) related to potential upcoming White House departures such as resignations and firings.

By the Quibbl Politics Staff

sarah sanders
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders takes questions from reporters

Rumors are circulating that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is planning on leaving the White House. The same is true for principal deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah. This is significant because it would continue the narrative that the Trump administration has the highest turnover in presidential history; if Sanders leaves, her replacement would be President Trump’s third Press Secretary.

jeff sessions
Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Since assuming the responsibility of representing the Justice Department in Russia-related inquiries, deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein has antagonized some of the far-right, who view his probes as going against President Trump and his policies. The Tea Party Patriots, a conservative activist group, have since launched an ad campaign advising Rosenstein to “do his job, or resign.” Rosenstein has also been criticized publicly and privately by President Trump, who has hinted at firing Rosenstein. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has aligned himself with Rosenstein, indicating that he would consider resigning if Rosenstein were fired.

According to the New York Daily News, President “Trump regularly talks to Pruitt about his distaste for Jeff Session.” The NY Daily News’ assertion is believable because, on June 5th, Trump tweeted, “… Sessions didn’t tell me he was going to recuse himself…I would have quickly picked someone else.” As the Russia goes through its peaks and lulls, the pressure on President Trump waxes and wanes.

Special Counsel (and former FBI Director) Robert Mueller

President Donald Trump has increased his attacks against special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation as of late, fueling rumors that Trump might fire Mueller. According to some lawmakers, the firing could create a “constitutional crisis.”

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