N. Korea Update: Summit #2

Below are three of our latest North Korea quibbls. We have assembled a nice mix for you to make predictions and climb up the leaderboard by letting us know what you think will happen (and by being correct, of course).

By the Quibbl Politics Staff


When Do You Think The Next Summit Will Take Place?

trump kim.jpg
A comical caricature of President Trump and N. Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

After much skepticism as to whether it would take place or not, President Trump and Kim Jong Un held their summit, and it went quite well in terms of behavior. President Trump even suggested that he would be willing to go to Pyongyang or have Kim Jong Un over as his guest at the White House. While no major concessions were made by the N. Koreans, President Trump did promise to pause all military exercises in South Korea. If anything goes wrong with between the two countries, the exercises scheduled to take place this August could be back on.

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