House Races to Watch in 2018

The results of this year’s midterm elections will tell us a lot about the supposed “blue wave,” whether or not there is a payoff in being a Trump loyalist, and what the future of the Democratic and Republican parties will look like. This article is the first in a series from Quibbl Politics that will... Continue Reading →

Predicting Congress: The Future of The Hill

Each week on Thursdays, Quibbl's Julian Librizzi will break down the biggest stories that are going on in Congress. Here is a quick collection of all of the Congress related Quibbls that Julian Librizzi has written. Do you think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will stay in office? What do you think will happen with ZTE?... Continue Reading →

NBA Fantasy Offseason: Off-Season, Week 1

Each Monday, Quibbl asks the big questions NBA fans are asking during the crazy 2018 offseason. Answer correctly & move up our #HotStoveHoops Leaderboard By Cameron Van Hare   Will the Spurs Trade Kawhi? The Kawhi Leonard situation grows more complicated by the day. After a season where Kawhi sat all but 9 games, Leonard's... Continue Reading →

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