Tomorrow’s Elections and the Irish 8th Amendement

Below are three of our latest elections Quibbls. We have assembled a nice mix for you to make predictions and climb up the leaderboard by letting us know what you think will happen (and being correct, of course). All of the events take place tomorrow — except the Irish Referendum, which is on May 25th — vote ASAP!

By Andrew P. Kingsbury

Primaries in Arkansas and Georgia, and Ireland’s Referendum

Arkansas Gubernatorial Primaries

Asa Hutchinson
Incumbent Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (far right) Speaks to a Crowd about Floods

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 22nd, Arkansas will be holding its gubernatorial primary. On the Democratic side, two candidates are in the running: Jared Henderson and Leticia Sanders. According to the local NPR station (KUAR), “Jared Henderson’s campaign is a professionally run operation. He’s out raised Sanders $171,000 to $2,700. He’s been an active campaigner throughout the state.” Henderson’s primary seems virtually guaranteed. Who will win Arkansas’s Democratic gubernatorial primary?

Incumbent Govenor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson and his opponent Jan Morgan will also face off on Tuesday in Arkansas’s GOP primary for governor. Morgan is running on an outsider platform and has accused Gov. Hutchinson of being a D.C. insider and overspender. According to the Arkansas Times, polling shows Gov. Hutchinson has a “sizeable lead over Jan Morgan”. Who will win Arkansas’s GOP gubernatorial primary?

Georgia Gubernatorial Primaries

Georgia State Flag
State Flag of Georgia

Another reason tomorrow is going to be a special day: two Staceys will face off in the ultimate Stacey showdown in Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial primary. Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans have both held office as Georgia State Representatives. Abrams has held office since 2006, and was even the minority leader for Georgia’s House of Representatives. Evans resigned her seat during the fall of 2017, having been in office since 2010, to concentrate all her energy on seeking the governorship. Some are calling the Stacey showdown a fight for the soul of the Democratic party; although, polling favors Abrams, who has a double-digit lead over Evans. Who will win Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial primary?

Compared to Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial primary the GOP side is quite a bit more crowded, with five candidates; including the sitting Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle, the state’s sitting Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, sitting state senator Michael Williams, former state senator Hunter Hill, and, lastly, businessman and former Navy SEAL Clay Tippins. All polls show Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle ahead by double-digit leads. Who will win Georgia’s GOP gubernatorial primary?

The Irish Referendum

A Satellite Image of Ireland (Courtesy: NASA)

On May 25th, the people of Ireland will make a massive decision about abortion by voting in a monumental referundum to either repeal or not repeal the Gaelic nation’s abortion ban — AKA the “8th Amendment”. The heated debate about repeal vs status quo has caused serious division amongst the public. Will Ireland’s abortion ban remain or will it be repealed?

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