Jersey Shore Family Vacation Heats Up

By Savanna Malloy

With five episodes down and many more to come, the Jersey Shore reboot is well underway and does not seem to be cooling down anytime soon. Those who may have feared that there would be a lack of drama and excitement considering the cast has grown over the years, have been sorely disproven.

So far this season we’ve seen screaming matches galore, tears on tears on tears, and an unsettlingly life-like Sammi “Sweetheart” doll.

Also, let us not forget the cheating. Soon-to-be-father, Ronnie Margo-Ortiz puts himself in a less than flattering situation when he’s seen canoodling with a blonde french woman at the bar one night. If that wasn’t enough he then proceeds to bring the woman home and sneak away for some alone time before interrupted by Pauly D.

However, not all the male cast members have reverted back to their Guido days as Ronnie has. Both Vinny Guadagnino and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino left for Miami leaving serious girlfriends back home. Its seems these two really have gotten wiser with age. Vinny has adopted a new health and fitness lifestyle while Mike has opted to live sober.

So far it seems that the days of bar fights and public intoxication arrests are behind this more seasoned Jersey Shore crew, but the season is not over yet and I have a feeling that things are just getting started.

And speaking of just getting started, it seems that Family Vacation fans are in store for a big surprise any episode now as rumors have been floating around that original season 1 former castmate, Angelina Pivarnick will be making an unexpected visit to Miami.

Tune in to MTV at 8pm EST every Thursday to watch all the fist pumping, boozing, and hair gelling in action.


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