Quibbl Madness: Round of 32, Sunday Games

Here are the quibbls for each NCAA tournament game on Sunday, March 18th, the second day of the second round.

Quibbl’s “Beyond the Bracket” challenge is giving out prizes to whoever makes the most correct predictions each round. So if your bracket was busted in Round 1, obviously you should make these picks. 

When the games are over, check your status on the Quibbl Sports #MarchMadness2018 leaderboard.

12:10 EST on CBS – (2) Purdue vs. (10) Butler

2:40 EST on CBS – (11) Syracuse vs. (3) Michigan State

5:15 EST on CBS – (7) Texas A&M vs. (2) North Carolina

6:10 EST on TNT – (7) Nevada vs. (2) Cincinnati

7:10 EST on TBS – (5) Clemson vs. (4) Auburn

7:40 EST on truTV – (16) UMBC vs. (9) Kansas State

8:40 EST on TNT – (9) Florida State vs. (1) Xavier

9:40 EST on TBS – (13) Marshall vs. (5) West Virginia

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