The Magicians Season 3 Episode 9: “All That Josh” Recap

The news that there would be yet another musical episode of The Magicians broke a few weeks ago, and it finally aired Wednesday night. So far each season of the SYFY show has had an episode with a single musical number, but this most recent episode had four, five if you count Alice’s quick rendition of “Happy Birthday”. This episode was a fun reprieve from the past few episodes which were much more serious than usual, at least by The Magicians standards. This show has been known to deal with difficult subjects (sexual assault, disability, addiction), but it was nice to see the characters sing some songs and make some more breakthroughs on their quest for the seven keys.

With the third season of The Magicians sadly coming to a close, and just three episodes left in the season, it’s a good thing we got our fun musical episode in. The majority of “All That Josh” takes place in a pocket-world that is set up to basically be heaven for Josh, the party bro character who seemed to have been left behind and unseen for the past several episodes. Josh opens up about always feeling left behind, and then saves the day with a cover of the funky disco hit “Car Wash”. Josh is in this whole mess to begin with because of a demon who feeds off of happiness; not the worst demon to come across, but still, it’s a demon. This demon trapped Josh in the pocket-world were he’s the king of the party, and the only rule is that you can’t harsh the vibe, dude (otherwise you get beaten up). Quentin, Kady, and Alice end up in this pocket-world by playing a bit of music from the quest-book, but luckily one of the keys they need is in the never-ending party house. Before they can leave, however, they have to come together, or else the quest will be over. Thankfully they all get down to “Under Pressure” and manage to get the magic key as well.

This episode also followed Julia and Fen on their own quest to free the fairies that Irene McAllister has kept prisoner. Julia approaches Skye, who had her leg cut off for Irene to grind into powder to snort in order to do magic, and asks Skye to meet her to show her that she has been duped by Irene this whole time. During this secretive meeting, Skye manages to conjure a rose in the palm of her hand but immediately started bleeding out of her eyes, nose, and mouth (not a good look). Julia’s power’s somehow “leveled up” and she was able to freeze Skye in time, doing so without using her hands (and glowing from her eyeballs). This step-up from basic magic into nearly god-like magic heightens the excitement for future episodes, where we will hopefully see Julia level up even further into higher levels of magic.

The never ending party house was incredibly fun, but possibly even more fun was getting to see Margo and Eliot back at it again, although in less-than-ideal circumstances. This episode we saw them as deposed monarchs of Fillory, doomed to death by townspeople who felt that their fairy-altered way of ruling wasn’t really working out. Even Tick, their most trusted advisor, turned against them and even seemed to sabotage their trial. But hey, “trial by combat” and “trial by wombat” really do sound very similar. Eliot and Margo were able to choose their method of execution, and they chose “the infinite waterfalls”. The logic being, if it’s infinite, they’ll spend so much time dying a horrible death that they’ll be able to think up a plan to escape. Everything works out when the Muntjac (a sentient boat) that Margo befriended saves the day by flying off towards the horizon.

This episode ended with a show-stopping performance of “Under Pressure”, where just about all the main characters were merged through a sort of psychic connection and were able to perform the Queen and David Bowie song together. The point of this episode was to unify the team, so by having Kady, Quentin, Alice, Margo, Eliot, Julia, Penny, and Josh sing this rousing cover together seemed to pull together the entire episode, the writers show us that perhaps the best way to complete this quest is together.

Let’s hope next week’s episode is just as exciting as this week’s!


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