Twenty One Pilots Win Big, but Where Are They?

Picture it. 2015.

Same sex marriage was legalized throughout the US, the whole world was fighting over whether a dress was white and gold or blue and black, and Blurryface hit the sound waves for the first time.

Twenty One Pilots quickly became a household name. Everyone and their mother were singing along to the band which already had amassed a cult following. People fell in love with the effortless rhythm and singable lyrics. Two years later, the album has done something no one in the “Digital Era” has done. All fourteen tracks have become RIAA certified.

The Recording Industry Association of America is the group that’s responsible for all those random metallic words applied to songs. Gold, platinum, multi-platinum, and diamond are all ways to measure how many times a song or album has been sold. Gold is the smallest, requiring 500,000 minimum units and Diamond is the largest requiring over 10 million units. While none of the songs on the album went diamond, all fourteen tracks are Gold, platinum or multiplatinum. This means each song sold at least 500,000 times, which includes how many times it was played on streaming services like Spotify.

“Congratulations to Twenty One Pilots for this unparalleled achievement,” said Cary Sherman, Chairman and CEO, RIAA, according to their news section.

“From the first track to the 14th, each and every song from ‘Blurryface’ has resonated with fans.  In a time when fans enjoy instant access to millions of different tracks, this is a testament to the appeal of both the album and each of its individual songs. Congratulations to Tyler, Josh and Fueled by Ramen.”

It’s a pretty amazing feat. So where are they?

The news was announced March 1st and as of the 2nd they hadn’t spoken out on any social media. In fact, they haven’t been seen since 2017. They finished a tour on July 2nd, then on July 6th made a picture reading ‘silence’ their cover photo on Facebook. Since that day there hasn’t been a single post from the band members, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph, even on their personal accounts.

Fans have their own theories on the hiatus. The popular idea (and hopeful thought) is that they are working on an album. My favorite theory however comes from reddit user regional-at-worst, “Tyler is pursuing his basketball career and Josh is growing out his hair.”

Whatever the reason, people are wondering if this news will pull them out of their silence. Is being RIAA certified a big deal to them? It’s a huge success, but is it that important to an alternative band? Even if it’s not, their fans should be.

Picture it. 2018.

The world is constantly in turmoil, teenagers are eating tide pods and the masterminds behind Blurryface are nowhere to be found.

RIAA certified or not, people want to hear from them. “Heard you say, ‘not today’

Tore the curtains down, windows open, now make a sound.”


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