Drama Watch: Armie Hammer’s Feud with Buzzfeed Writer

Actor Armie Hammer is still upset with Buzzfeed writer, Anne Helen Petersen, for writing a negative article about him.  Quibbl wants to know where the two will stand in the future.

How It Started

According to Eonline.com, senior culture writer for Buzzfeed, Anne Helen Petersen, wrote a negative article about the actor Armie Hammer in last November.  The article was titled “Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen.”  This article definitely puts down Hammer and his Hollywood career.  For example, Petersen states in her article,”…it’s not that Hammer’s a bad movie star. It’s that movie stardom isn’t for Hammer: He’s too quirky to fit into the mainstream roles available to him, and so much more than the sum of his handsome parts.”  According to an article from Nydailynews.com, reacted to the article by sending out a tweet referring to it being “bitter AF.”  Hammer, also being the great-grandson of oil mogul Armand Hammer, felt as though Petersen’s article influences the idea that Hammer’s privilege plays a part in him getting roles in Hollywood films.  According to Petersen, “He also comported himself the way people who have grown up with money often do: with confidence and charisma, or if you’re being less generous, like a little bit of an asshole.’’  After Petersen published the article, Hammer described Twitter as being a “toxic environment” and expressed that he would be better off without it.  He then deactivated his Twitter account, but apparently kept his Instagram page active.

The Feud at the Moment

The feud between Petersen and Hammer is still very much alive according to the article from Eonline.com.  Petersen sent out a tweet criticizing Vanity Fair’s recent profile on Jennifer Lawrence on Tuesday, February 27th.  Hammer’s deactivation of Twitter was not permanent as he reactivated his account in late January.  After seeing Petersen’s critique of J. Law’s profile, he sent a tweet attacking her for her harsh critique. Petersen stated in her tweet, “I have read a lot of painfully banal celebrity profiles but this new VF one on Jennifer Lawrence, it’s like toothache-magnitude-painful levels of banality.” Hammer then responded by tweeting, “Anne, your glass seems chronically half empty… maybe try meditating? Or even medicating? #chillpillneeded.” Apparently, Petersen has also received threats because of Hammer’s first reaction to her article.  She sent a tweet stating, “Harassment of entertainment journalists is very real and generally dismissed. But a threat to come to your house and kill your dog (which happened last time this all happened) is the same no matter what inspired it.”

The Future of this Feud

Petersen receiving threats over her critical article of Armie Hammer is a very serious issue.  Even Hammer did not approve of her critiques about him, she does have the right to voice her opinion of him and his career.

Will Petersen expose the individual(s) who threatened her and make a legal matter out of it by the end of March?

This feud between Petersen and Hammer has been going on since last year.  It seems as though both are sticking to their guns and neither will apologize.  However; is it possible for the two to let bygones be bygones and apologize to each other by the end of March?

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