Trey Songz Has Been Accused of Assault

A woman is accusing singer, Trey Songz of physically assaulting her.

Quibbl wants to know what’s going to happen next for Trey Songz because of this accusation.


First Incident: December 2016

This wouldn’t be the first time Songz gets charged for assault.  He has a history of getting angry and physically assaulting someone.  On Wednesday, December 28th, 2016, Songz was arrested for melting down on stage and assaulting a police officer during his concert at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.  According to an article from, Police Officer Dan Donakowski stated that Songz became “upset and belligerent” after he was notified that he had to end his show at 11:30 p.m.  Instead of complying with his orders, Songz went into tantrum mode, and began throwing equipment.  Officer Donakowski continued and said, “He became irate and started throwing objects [from] the stage; speakers, microphones, anything he could get his hands on.”  The article goes on to explain that one police sergeant was hit in the head with an object a suffered from a concussion.  He was taken to a local hospital, treated, and then released.  From his outburst, Songz was charged with aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer.  He pleaded guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace and was given 18 months of probation and anger management classes.

Second Incident: December 2017

According to another article from, in December 2017 Songz was also accused of assaulting a fan after a concert in Philadelphia.  In the article it states, “A lawsuit in December 2017 accused the “Invented Sex” crooner of smacking a fan’s phone out of her hand, which then hit her in the face, after a show in Philadelphia.”

Right Now

At the moment, Songz is being accused of physical assault again, after hitting a woman in the face during NBA All-Star Weekend on Saturday, February 17th.  This occurred at a party the two attended together in Hollywood Hills, California.  The woman told law enforcement that Songz became upset after he saw her talking to another man.  The two argued, and he then hit her.  The attorney who is representing the woman is Lisa Bloom.  Bloom released a statement to Us Weekly saying, “I represent the credible, bruised woman accusing Trey Songz of beating her, and more, last weekend in the Hollywood Hills. She alleges that she was hit multiple times in front of people who did not try to stop him.”

What’s To Come?

On Wednesday, February 21st, Songz sent a tweet that stated, “This too shall pass.”  It sounds as though Songz is not apologetic for his actions.  Will Songz send out an apology tweet for physically assaulting this woman and for his behavior before the end of March?

Songz having such a cocky attitude about this situation blowing over could be because of him not being given any severe punishments in the past.  Will Songz get more of a severe punishment this time for assaulting the woman after she takes him to court?

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