Kacey Musgraves Announces Same Music, Different Album

Kacey Musgraves announced Friday that she’ll be releasing an album at the end of March. Two songs ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Space Cowboy’ were released with the announcement to build anticipation.

The album, called Golden Hour will be the country singer’s first in three years. She built a following in 2013 with the album Same Trailer, Different Park. It was the clever lyrics and soft melody that won her Grammys for best country album and best country song in 2014.

She’s a musician that NPR is calling “a champion of New Nashville”. There is no doubt that country music, and the city it calls home, are not the same as they were 20 years ago, but this “champion” has paved the way for some beautiful art.

Her second album was not as popular as the first, but the singles she has dropped show that something special is coming.

‘Butterflies’ has melody that makes you want to fly. “Kiss full of color makes me wonder where you’ve always been.” It’s a simple song but its got soul. This is not a song Hank Williams or Johnny Cash would’ve hummed along to, but for ‘New Nashville’ it’s home.

When I saw the title for Space Cowboy, I’ll admit I got excited that this would be some futuristic country song. Where instead of singing about lonesome cowboys in a field, it examined the life of a lonesome man in a jetpack. Something that would happen if The Jetsons met John Wayne and Johnny Cash sat in the background with an acoustic guitar.

I was only upset for a minute when I released the song was Space (comma) Cowboy.

“Old sunsets fade and love does too. Yeah we had our day in the sun. When a horse wants to run there ain’t no sense in closing the gate. You can have your space, cowboy.”

The song is clever in the way that you have to listen ten times to understand how clever it is. If you don’t have that kind of time, it’s okay to cheat and use genius.com (the people who do have that kind of time). One thing I learned from there is that Musgraves references “old country” in the line “and boots weren’t made for sitting by the door”. It’s a play on words calling back These Boots Were Made for Walking.

Kacey Musgraves utilizes wordplay in a unique and interesting way. It brings people in and makes them want to hear more. Golden Hour has the potential to be a great success.

The singles are humble and clever. They show what people like about this new Nashville. It might not be something Johnny Cash would sing, but it’s something he wouldn’t be ashamed of. So many people hate country music because they think it’s all about trucks and beer. Kacey Musgraves is proof that “new Nashville” can have the same soul, just a different take. Some songs about cowboys are worth listening to.


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