Black Panther continues to dominate the box office

It is no shock that Black Panther dominated the box office in its opening weekend, but what is surprising is how it continues to drastically outpace the competition two weeks into its release.

Black Panther is only in its second weekend and it has already almost matched  Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”  which collected $773 million in 2014 over its entire five-month run.

After only two weeks of release Black Panther’s global total has reached about $704 million and the film still hasn’t even arrived in China and Japan. All signs point to Black Panther becoming the next movie to join the $1 billion club.

The film is doing so well and receiving such high praise that there has already been talk of a Black Panther sequel. Marvel president, Kevin Feige, mentioned in an interview with Variety that “There are many, many more stories to tell” when it comes to Wakanda. Could this be a hint that Black Panther 2 could be coming our way?

If there is in fact a sequel on the horizon, it’s likely that the film wouldn’t hit theaters for another three years. If you look at time periods for Marvel movies of the past it seems that the studio generally prefers to leave gaps between sequels. Both Ant-Man and The Avengers sequels have been set for release with a three year interval.

This means that we may have a bit of a wait before we get to hang with T’Challa and the Wakandans again.


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