The Magicians Episode 7 Recap: “Poached Eggs”

Another week, another wild episode of The Magicians. This week’s episode, like last week’s episode, seemed like it was all about laying some groundwork for next week. Some highlights of this week were definitely the botched magic transplant between Julia and Alice, the wholly uncomfortable hook up between Quentin and special guest Felicia Day’s character Poppy, and Margo and Eliot being captured by the townspeople of Fillory.

There seems to be so many story lines going on in this season of The Magicians that it can be hard to keep things straight in your head. There’s the hostile fairy takeover, the quest for the magic keys, the budding relationship between Poppy and Quentin, the impending Library escapade, Kady’s addiction issues, and the fact that the majority of the magicians in a show called The Magicians can’t do magic. In the seventh episode of the third season these different story lines mixed together a bit more. Fen and Fray went to Earth for a little vacation, and Margo and Eliot also got to visit their homeworld to drop off the fairy eggs. Just your usual Sunday errands. We also got to see Penny and Kady start to reconcile their relationship after their explosive argument two episodes back. Maybe they’ll even get back together next episode, despite the fact that Penny’s consciousness is stuck as an astral projection. Every relationship has its hurtles though.

One of the more exciting parts of this episode was Poppy, Quentin, and Penny helping to break Kady out of the mental hospital she was being kept in. Seeing Poppy continue to be a wildcard was fun, but do we really want our main character hooking up with someone who sets fires in mental wards in her spare time? We also learned that Poppy slept with her best friend’s boyfriend while on spring break. She really doesn’t seem like the best person, but at least her antics are entertaining. She will probably end up being useful when she, Quentin, and Kady break into the Library, but she could just as well get them all caught.

There were several moments that were more tender than usual throughout this episode. One of them being between Alice and Julia, who had a little heart-to-heart about the source of Julia’s magic, which comes from Reynard, the evil trickster God who killed her friends and assaulted her. Julia tried to give her magic to Alice, which backfired royally, much like a kidney transplant gone wrong. Alice then turned to other means to keep the magic that was killing her, nearly getting turned into a vampire. Luckily, “Hedge Witch Buffy”, or Julia as we know her, was able to stop Alice from taking the plunge seconds before it was too late. We even got a mini witch fight between Alice, who had Julia’s magic, and Julia, who had snorted some secretions from a magical creature and could do magic from that. Just your basic The Magicians nonsense. All of this culminated into the aforementioned heart to heart where both Alice and Julia talked about the pain in their lives, and how it makes them stronger.

In another sweet moment, Eliot and his wife Fen had an sincere talk about what the future had in store for them now that the realization that the woman who they had been told was their daughter was really a stranger, and their real daughter died in childbirth. This nicely tied up the whole Fray storyline, while also allowing Eliot and Fen to have some more character development in their relationship. Eliot admitted to not being the best father or husband, and Fen started to come to terms with the fact that her real daughter is gone.

This episode ended with another major cliffhanger, as most TV shows are wont to do. This episodes cliffhanger came in the form of Queen Margo and King Eliot being carried off by rioting townspeople. Since they’re both masters of charm (not to mention fan favorites) it seems unlikely that they will meet any sort of unsavory fate, but with The Magicians, you really never know. Hopefully they escape in the next episode, but in the meanwhile I’m sure we’ll get some great one-liners out of their predicament.

As always, I look forwards to next episode of The Magicians and hopefully all the lead up in this episode pays off when Poppy, Quentin, and Kady break into the library and stir up trouble.

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