Siesta Key Recap: Bar Fights, Love Rectangles, and Not-so-happy Birthdays

Quibbl Entertainment takes a look at all the crazy ups and downs so far on this season of Siesta Key.

By: Savanna Malloy

I hope you have a glass of wine and some popcorn in hand because Siesta Key has returned to MTV for the winter and although it’s no longer summer in Florida, the drama is just starting to heat up.

The midseason premiere started off with a bang, or should I say a punch? We quickly find out that during some off time, Siesta Key’s golden boy, Alex, was involved in a bar fight that left him with a broken jaw. Let’s be honest though, who of us isn’t taking a massive amount of joy in seeing the Don Juan of the barrier island in adult braces?

But Alex wasn’t the only one dodging jabs. Chloe’s birthday was just as big of a disaster as we all might have expected, especially with the confusing love triangle (rectangle?) that has been developing between Juliette, Garrett, Kelsey, and Alex. Let me just recap for you:

  • Kelsey and Garrett dated for six months…that is until Kelsey met Alex and started to get a taste for the finer things in life (like Alex’s family home which could easily be mistaken for Gatsby’s mansion and that mini yacht of his that he calls a boat)
  • Alex was dating Juliette at the time, but we all know that Alex’s definition of “dating” is a bit looser than the average person’s
  • After Alex and Kelsey started up, Juliette decided to try to and hit Kelsey where it hurt and go after Garrett, which worked…kinda. I mean, c’mon, it’s obvious that Garrett wasn’t really over Kelsey.

Add all of this together and you guessed it, Chloe’s party was breeding ground for excitement. Juliette threw a punch at Kelsey and all hell broke loose. Garrett rushed to comfort Kelsey while Juliette fell back into Alex’s arms here they shared probably the most awkward kiss captured in television history. Seriously, how romantic can a make out sesh truly be when one member of the party has his jaw wired shut?

With all of this going on it’s no surprise that the crumbling relationship between Brandon and Madisson drifted into the background. The seemingly perfect couple seems to be heading towards rocky shores as the new girl, Canvas, gets a bit too friendly with Brandon at a pool party.

Canvas isn’t the only exciting new addition to Siesta Key. I see a future romance brewing between the latest tan, blonde Adonis to grace the Florida shores, Carson, and the equally tall and blonde, Kelsey.

And then there’s Tarik, Madisson’s long lost “gay best friend”. still unable to come out to his parents, Tarik has been set up to have what could be a very heartwarming storyline in the midst of all the shallow he-said-she-said that makes us all obsessed with reality TV shows just like this one.

As Juliette and Hannah head back to FSU, Alex continues in law school, and Kelsey and Madisson plan a future in NYC, there could be some big changes in store at Siesta Key. Tune in to MTV on Monday at 10/9c to get every last drama-filled detail.

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