The Magicians Episode 7 Recap: “Poached Eggs”

Another week, another wild episode of The Magicians. This week’s episode, like last week’s episode, seemed like it was all about laying some groundwork for next week. Some highlights of this week were definitely the botched magic transplant between Julia and Alice, the wholly uncomfortable hook up between Quentin and special guest Felicia Day’s character... Continue Reading →

The Resurgence of English Clubs in Europe

The Resurgence of English Clubs in Europe By Ryan Cluett Stats courtesy of and Nearly two years ago, Liverpool trudged off the St. Jakob-Park pitch in Basel, Switzerland, dejected after lettinga two-goal lead slip through their fingers, a collapse allowing Sevilla to capture their third consecutive Europa League title. At the time, Sevilla’s... Continue Reading →

The Magicians Episode Five Recap

 By Alice Russell After yet another action and sarcasm place episode of SYFY’s The Magicians, we the viewers are left with even more questions than we went in with. With six more episodes left in the season, there should be enough time for the showrunners to answer some of these questions, but you never know... Continue Reading →

Jersey Shore is Back!

It has been six long years but it’s finally time to hit the gym, get a tan, and do some laundry because Jersey Shore is back! You heard right, it’s T-shirt time Guidos and Guidettes! The Jersey Shore cast is headed to Miami for MTV’s reboot of the beloved ratings hit that first aired back... Continue Reading →

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