“Camila”, Number 1 but Misses The Beat

Camilla Cabello, famous for “Havana”, drops her first album

Camila dropped last week and it has already moved its way to the top of the charts.

For Camilla Cabello’s first album, it has serious potential. At some points it sounds like no more than regurgitated girl-band songs, but there are several standouts where she truly comes into her own.

Never Be The Same starts the album off at a perfect pace. It’s a sultry reminder that Cabello is here to stay, solo. The 20-year old will truly “never be the same” after she left (the now unjustifiably named) Fifth Harmony last year. It’s the kind of the song you sing to an ex you’re still in love with, but know you shouldn’t be. It’s smooth, daring, and damn good. Which is exactly why the next few songs were a let down.


It’s no doubt that these songs have latin influence, but they lack the amor. A rhythmic drum beat is repeated throughout about 5 songs. That’s enough to make you move, but not enough to change up much. Lyrics are basically just her former songs without the backup vocals. They’re not quite enough to dance to, but it’s easy to sing along when the lyrics are just repeated. These songs are nothing special, nothing really worth listening to.

Cabello’s upbeat songs tend to catch an overused beat, but the slow ones allow her impressive vocals to stand out. “Loving you was young, wild, free… sunshine safe and sound,” she croons in Consequences. This song has the power to be the anthem of young, lovesick (or sick of love) girls everywhere.

Soon after, comes Something’s Gotta Give- emotion in the rawest form. “Counterfeit emotions only run skin deep/ Know you’re lying when you’re lying next to me.” The lyrics hit heartbroken souls of all ages. She describes a relationship that didn’t kill her but left her feeling “half alive.” If this song were to become a single, it could hit the same levels as Kesha’s Praying. If Consequences is the anthem of the lovesick, then Something’s Gotta Give is the anthem of the cheated.

The album ends with an attempt (and maybe succession? I haven’t decided) at being sexy. Into It is the kind of song you could sing along to at the club, but if you make eye contact with that random dude in the corner it’s going to be hella awkward. “Whatever trouble that you’re thinking, I could get into it/ I see a king-sized bed in the corner, we should get into it,” Cabello vocalizes. The song is young in the best ways. The album couldn’t end on a better note.

Camilla Cabello has a long way to go in her solo career. Many of the songs on this album prove she has the potential to be the biggest around the world. She has the voice and the power, she just needs better writers. Havana was a hit because it was different. Songs like Never Be The Same and Something’s Gotta Give have this quality but most of the other songs were lacking.

Either way, Camila Cabello is here to stay.

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