Quibbl’s Pregame Antics for the State of the Union Address on Jan 30th

Are you about to head out to attend the fun pub games for the State of The Union speech? Before you do, check out Quibbl’s latest series on the State of the Union address. We get on the big data bandwagon and explore one of the biggest nights in Washington D.C.

By Jonathan Silverman


The State of the Union Address is a speech delivered by the President to Congress. This is a highly anticipated event going back to the founding of the United States. This event is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. The very first State of the Union Address was a written report by President George Washington, and the most recent one, will be broadcast live across the nation as President Trump speaks from the podium in a joint session of Congress. This will be President Trump’s first State of the Union Address. In the speech, will be information on how well or poorly the United States of America is doing, and what courses of action the President deems necessary to keep the good times rolling. With ample data from previous addresses of Presidents of yesteryear, the staff at Quibbl will use text analytics to sketch out what the next State of the Union Address might look like.

For starters, we can compare President Trump to his predecessor Barack Obama. Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address averaged just over an hour. Will President Trump’s first SOTU address be longer or shorter than Obama’s average?

With a fanciful notion, the staff at Quibbl decided to compare about 1,313 words found in President Trump’s first speech to Congress, with all the State of the Union Addresses of the previous Presidents. Stay tuned for the full results. Insofar, comparisons between the 45th President and the 44th President are concerned, the results are: about 70% same words used as Obama! It’s ironic then, that there are Democrats who wish to forego attending the State of the Union address!

However long the speech might take, even a single sentence is going to get intense scrutiny. Media pundits at home or leaders of our allies and foes abroad, will watch this speech closely.  These were the top ten words that Barack Obama used with the greatest frequency.  And here are the top ten words Donald Trump used when he gave his first speech to Congress as President.


A salient observation in this comparison is the appearance of the word “one” in the top ten. After a polarizing, and divisive election President Trump stressed unity in his first speech to Congress. Will the word “one” continue to be found in the top ten words used in the SOTU address on January 30th?

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